Twitch Chat Commands


ALL Followers Chat commands.

!accept Accept a duel request from another chatter 

!accountage show account info

!bet Bet on a contest. 

!cancelduel Cancel a duel request to another chatter 

!chatstats list stats

!commands list all chat commands for followers

!deny Deny a duel request from another chatter 

!duel Duel another chatter for points 

!emotes see emotes in chat

!followage Length of User Follow time

!give Give points from a user using !give <name> <amount>

!givepoints   Transfer points to another user. 

!roulette gamble your life away 

!uptime View Live Streaming time

!watchtime View User watch time

!so What’s that hot things info

!lurk Lurkin for the paper 


!mail email to:

!welcome Welcome to the channel 

!schedule Stream Schedule

!sub Subscribe to the Channel


!host Host the channel 

!followage How long has the user been following the channel 

!discord Join AllHouseRecords Discord here:;

!social Connect with AllHouseRecords on Social Media

!hi Hello, Welcome